Doron Kamara is a Los Angeles based VFX artist with experience in the Feature Films, TV Series, Cinematics, Commercials and Video Game Industry. He is always looking forward to his next adventure in VFX.

Particles/Energy Effects (Magic, Portals, Sparks, Rain Drops)

Rigid Body Dynamics (Destruction, Bombs, Collapsing Structures)

Natural Dynamics (Fire, Explosions, Tornadoes, Rocket Launch, Dust, Smoke)

mastered software


3DS Max

Fluids, Fume FX, Phoenix FD, Krakatoa, SOuP, Fracture FX, Phys X, DMM, V-Ray, Mental Ray

Fume FX, Phoenix FD, Krakatoa, Particle Flow, Thinking Particles, Frost, Stoke, Rayfire, Redshift,


Nuke, After Effects, Shotgun, Photoshop

past projects

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